Thursday, May 09, 2013

What's for Dinner?

Mostly every night on Facebook, I ask "What's for Dinner?" which is what brought about this special exhibit that will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Houston!  Leslie Tucker Jenison and I are the curators of this exhibit!
 Here is the link to find out all about it.  I want to share with you my entry and how I made it.  I started with a cookbook from my mom's cupboard, and Mistyfused about 10 pages of recipes, from various sections of the book.

I decided that I didn't want the standard round plate scenario, and researched some other ideas like: square plates, lunch box, bowls, bento boxes, take out boxes, picnic, and then chose a cafeteria tray.  I am building it on a Goddess Sheet, that is a silicone sheet made by Mistyfuse

My placemat is this red and white polka dot fabric, which is probably my most favorite fabric on the planet, next to Hoffman Batiks.

I made cuts in the corners, so the tray sections would appear to have depth

Cookbook and finished cafeteria tray

Peas, and strawberry jello

This is where I am now, with veggies, and pizza.  Only have the silverware and napkin to add, and then the machine quilting, and finishing!  I may have to add some buttons around the edge.  What's for Dinner?  Hope you will consider entering this exhibit, so we can dress the table with your quilt!


  1. Earaminicha Brown and I stayed up until 3 AM in my studio working on this project. We were having so much fun, we did not want to stop. I think we both came out with wonderful results.

  2. Hi Jamie: I just read your article in my new Mary Jane Farms. It was so fun and so me that I had to get on your blog and consequently became your new follower! We are kindred spirits! I'm sure you'll agree if you visit my blog and Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on Facebook. Looking forward to keeping track of what your doing!

  3. Brilliant, my daughter found this book in a charity shop and gave it to me as it's from my era, she'll be amazed to see what you've done with it :-)

  4. did you use the paper as is or did you reprint on fabric... Love the idea.. I have been trying to get our small art group to get together with restaurants and do a project with them... However, gathering some artists, is like the herding of cats.. really easier with quilters..
    Congrats on your walking!!! Long distance! love it..
    I read your "meals" on Facebook,,, do you not eat the whole day,, if I did that I would weigh, well won't tell, but I would balloon up, do you have a secret? hugs, vivian


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