Monday, June 17, 2013

Road Trip!

Airstream Dreaming series!  9x11.  Each trailer uses components from  a stencil designed by me for Stencil Girl Products

Doors & Buttons Stencil

You can view my entire line of stencils here

Doors & Buttons Stencil and Fingal Flower & Leaf

All four together
Doors & Buttons
Fingal Flowers & Leaf


  1. Those are really fun, great idea for a series.


  2. I love these pieces so much. The elongated flower over the top of the airstream is very cool.

  3. I am crazy about these! I just found you over at The Sketchbook Challenge and I am so excited to be here! I am calling my Mom right now to send her here:) Great work!

  4. I saw the Quilting Arts Mag article featuring your little pieces a few weeks ago when I was at a HS reunion with my 'Glamping' friend, Nancy, & her sis-in law showed us the article - I LOVE your work!!
    Just shared links with the 'Glampers on the Loose' FB group!
    I've made several small art quilts & banners, I'm looking forward to perusing your blog, & getting inspiration!


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