Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IQA Auction Entry for Festival in Houston

This is my IQA Auction art quilt for the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX in late October.  In my haste to get it in the mail, I failed to write down the size for my records, but I am guessing that its about 13" high by 14-ish" wide.  I used four of the fabrics from my line "Home is Where Your Story Begins" by Hoffman California Fabrics.  I think that the black and white stripe really set it off!

Detail of the upper left. I had so much fun making this piece!  All of the fabrics were Mistyfused to a wool blended black foundation, and then backed with another piece of felt in red. TOY002 from National Nonwovens.  Buttons were hand sewn on the edges.

Lower right.  Fuse and Zip had to be a part of this artwork!

Lower left.  Stitch and measure.  Little bird.  My own drawings are in the house fabrics.

A portion of the back.  Used part of the selvage with my last name and date for the label.  The auction quilts will be on display at Festival and you can bid and buy this original work of art, if you are going to be there!  Make Time for Art!


  1. I love it! thanks for doing this for IQA.

  2. I love this piece Jamie! Your colorful work always makes me smile. I finished a piece yesterday and after posting it on my blog, I wished there was more to the background. The background on this quilt (and all your quilts) really inspires me to go for it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and being an inspiration!

    I will be at Quilt Fest and I look forward to seeing this quilt, and maybe even bidding on it if finances allow!

    Have a fabulous day!


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