Sunday, September 29, 2013

Checker Board Re-Do

I have a nice collection of game boards, and had saved them for a project like this.  I decided to leave the other side alone - the check board side.

I sparcely brushed on some gesso to mainly cover up the red squares, with dashes of it on the text.  I like the idea of it showing a little.

I painted the entire board with yellow acrylic paint and let it dry

I painted the board in sections, and then used a rubber comb to make the line.  This only works with wet paint.  If you decide that you don't like it, paint it again, then begin using the comb

I like how it creates depth in the piece, and you can see all of the layers.  Backgrounds are important in all artwork, be it mixed media and/or a quilt

 This is Fun Foam Textures, that I bought a Michael's - I cut them up to make them easier to use.  I painted the foam with red acrylic paint and then slapped it down on the surface.

I think it's looking pretty good!

The text fabric in my collection is based on these three original watercolors by me. My fabric is Hoffman California Fabrics!  So, for this checker board re-do, I am using Laser color copies, that I plan to make a variety of decoupaged projects with the text, including this one.
I have cut out the lettering, and objects - houses, flowers, cups, saucers, and I am decoupaging them to the board with Matte Medium
I think it's looking pretty good at this point!  Yay!

Home is Where Your Story Begins - and everything that I love about making quilts!  What will you create today?

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  1. Such a clever game board re -do. Love your fabric too!


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