Thursday, October 03, 2013

A Visit to the Big Apple

I started my New York adventure with Quilters Take Manhattan - Hollis Chatelain was the keynote speaker, and she gave an excellent talk about artists who change, evolve and grow in their work.  I hope all of us experience this in our artistic journeys.

Leslie Tucker Jenison, Vivika DeNegre and me - a gathering of friends!

Leslie, Yvonne Porcella and me at the evening event!  I treasure times like these, with good friends!

me in Brooklyn, with NYC in the background

Subway doors - my gateway to adventure with my daughter

A beautiful view from Brooklyn.  The view was stunning.  I was overcome with emotion and first look.

Trees.  I am having a sort of obsession with trees, when I travel.
We saw the musical 'Big Fish.'  I would highly recommend it.  We laughed, we cried.

A view from the rooftop of the Hilton in the Fashion District

Brooklyn Bridge.  It was great to see it up close and personal from the ground, up.

This was painted on a huge wall.

Fish heads, fish heads.  We were walking to the subway and came upon these.  Pretty funny!

Coffee. One of my most favorite things.  Cups and saucers are a common motif in my work and in real life.  For a complete list of all of the coffee places we visited, see one of my other blogs Artists Cooking with Gas
Beautiful flowers in Riverside Park.  Parts of the movie "You've Got Mail" were shot here.

more of Riverside Park.  We had a lovely walk.

a walk through a portion of Central Park, coming from the West side

So many beautiful and inviting settings here. I had wished we had more time to just sit and read a book or draw.

On my last full day in NYC, I had walked over 16,000 steps.  At home, I walk about 3,000 steps, with aspirations for more.  On the last day we walked to Columbia University and back (20 blocks one way), among other things.  My daughter lives on the 4th floor, so this was my last walk up the stairs.  The next day, I would walk down and out the door to the subway.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.  I had a fabulous time in NYC. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip! It looks like you have a wonderful time. No wonder you were so exhausted! I would think it would be difficult to get out of shape in a city like New York!


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