Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In the Studio

The greatest motivation for cleaning up my studio, was planning for an Open Studio with a glass artist in the industrial park

I hung my work for sale on household screen.  Large plastic grommets were inserted along the top so it could easily hang on the wall

The sitting area - all dusted, vacuumed and clean, clean, clean.  This is my most favorite part of my studio

This wall faces the other wall with the same screen panel on it.  Fabric on the table in bins, books and magazines.  I sold alot of fabric and donated what was left to an organization that makes charity quilts

This is chalkboard fabric with my name on it.  I think I will keep it up.  The Open Studio sign was in Cloth Paper Scissors Studios magazine, a few years ago.

I wrapped my tables with Marimekko fabric, to hide my extra storage.  I am really liking the way my studio is organized.  Next on the agenda - a new design table that is wide and 8-10 feet long, with shelves, and on wheels, that my wonderful husband is going to build for me.

The design wall and a look into where my office / paint area
small sofa table painted, and waiting for the sealer.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out

The paint room / office was transformed into the hot cider/cookie area.  It rained on the Saturday of my Open Studio and was very cold on Sunday.  The hot cider went like hotcakes!

On the shelf unit, most of my supplies are stored in plastic shoe boxes

A newly painted red chair, a cart on wheels that houses my Sizzix Die Cutting machine.  I can roll the table into the middle part of my studio, to place it next to my design table

Here is a view from the back

A view from the design table looking toward the front

My red letters and a cute chalkboard sign

My favorite view of my studio.  The Open Studio was great!  And my studio is still looking good.  I have gifts to make, so I am sure it will be a mess in no time!


  1. Oh, your studio is so inspiring! I seriously considered taking a plane to Orange to see it and meet you; I've got a niece that lives there, so it would be double fun. Maybe next time. :)

  2. I wish I could have made it to your open studio. I'm hoping you'll have another one next year. Your studio looks amazing! I love the idea of the household screen! Happy Holidays!

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    What a wonderful, happy, creative space!

  4. oh so fun! I love love (!) your polka dotted couch!

  5. Looks great, love all the color.

  6. Love Love Love Your Studio!!!


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