Friday, December 20, 2013

Pages from My Sketchbook

My favorite sketchbook - The Moleskin Story Book.  Mine is black with Washi tape wound around from front to back to give it distinction from the last one.  I really need to start adding dates to these.  I use up one and start the next one.  I found an interesting site, while I was going through my stats Notebook Stories

The reason I like this sketchbook is because it has small rectangles to draw in.  The fear factor of the huge blank page is gone.  I can fill up this small area with whatever strikes me at any given moment

These drawings are all about the Christmas holidays.  The theme for The Sketchbook Challenge this month is "Holiday Color."  You can view the blog here.

I took my book to the copy center and had them enlarged 50%, so that I could watercolor each one.  Unfortunately, they had run out of card stock, so they are printed on color copy paper.

Christmas houses is the theme for this section of the book.

Red tower houses with trees and stars

Red gingerbread house with snow and trees

Orange house with snowmen

Here is how they look painted on one page

Share a cup of hot chocolate with a friend or family member.  It's always better with two!

Lighting candles in the house and letting the scents fill the air

 buying the perfect gift for someone you love and wrapping!

Colorful red buds, snowflakes and a heart ornament.  Happy drawing and painting!


  1. I love your sketchbook drawings and how you did them in watercolor. I really need to get mine out and see if I can get back to my right brain;)


  2. the tape on the front is brilliant! pretty and functional! Love this new set of journal pages!

  3. Such Sweet Little Pictures! I'm partial to the houses!

  4. Will this become a new line of fabric?!! That would be great!

  5. oh I love your drawings!!!

  6. This is inspiring me to go back to my watercolors ... thanks!


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