Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scenes from the CHA Show in Anaheim, CA

The CHA Show (Craft & Hobby Association) came to town in mid-January.  It is a trade show, and not open to the public.  I joined as a 'designer,' so that I could attend the show.  It has always been a great source of inspiration for me as an artist. 
This is part of the Sizzix booth, where I spent most of my time during the show.  Sure there were other booths to explore, but this one was the most unique and interesting.

I posted these boxes on Facebook and people went nuts for them.  You cut them on a Big Shot, and it cuts the fold lines for you too.  There were all little amazing works of art.  More further down the post.

This is the box die - a new product for Sizzix, and I am going to add it to my wish list.

These dies are from Jo Packham of Where Women Cook, with the obvious cooking theme. She is one of their signature designer. There are some amazing dues in this bunch, complete with a milk carton, silverware, other containers, etc. 
"Eat at Jo's" - great display for her dies.  She is also the remarkable woman who created and writes the books and magazines for the 'Where Women Create" series. 
Here are more of the boxes.  StencilGirl Talk - the blog had a blog hop where the designers made little works of art with these boxes, (go to each artists blog in the hop) and you can view them here

This is part of the Tim Holtz section of the Sizzix booth.  He is also a signature designer.

more from Tim's area.

and here we come to their newest area, the quilting display.

Their newest cutter "Fabi" perfect for your sewing table.  Light and portable.  The 6" wide dies fit though this machine.
This is my Big Shot in my studio, with a circle die.  Isn't it cool?

In the F&W Booth - they own Interweave Press (Quilting Arts and CPS, and publish books).  Two books right in front by friends, Mary Beth Shaw and Pam Carriker.  They both had book signings over the weekend.
and the Simplicity booth, where my friend Michele Muska works her magic. They just picked up an excellent wool felt line of fun embellishments!  The Simplicity booth is much more than just patterns - rubber stamps, felt, notions, quilting, jewelry making and the ever popular felting machine!  Next year the show will be January 8-13, 2015.
Judy Coates Perez, me and Indigo Perez hit the show on Saturday morning!

Michelle Flores (Hoffman Fabrics) and I in the Sizzix booth


  1. I can see how you would find lots of inspirations there, Jamie! What a fun place.

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  3. The show looked like a lot of fun. LOVE the booth you were in. So much yumminess.

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  6. I Finally was able to get my moral fabric store to order 4 of your fabrics...houses, cups, trees, words. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to get them from Hoffman and that they would call me when the fabric arrives. Wish I knew somewhere to order online. Can't wait!


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