Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pages from My Sketchbook

We're getting to the end of this sketchbook, so it was harder to photograph, with one hand, using my other hand to keep it open.  Some of these drawings were inspired by catalogs that I had gotten in the mail around the holidays.  You never know what will spark something inside yourself, flipping through the pages of a catalog.

I saw patterns in the West Elm catalog

and then from the previous page, I took on other ideas of pattern

The left is a study of the scribble and the right is inspiration from the Sundance catalog

Inspiration of objects, patterns in fabrics, decorative pieces

The last 2 pages of Sketchbook #2, with two-some, and over and out.  Instead of drawing matching squares to the left, I drew in longer sections, to break it up a bit.

Two-Some - and this is straight out of my head

Fitting for the last page - over and out.  Now onto Book 3

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