Friday, January 24, 2014

Works in Progress

I have had this end bolt of 100% linen for several years, just saving it for some project.  I got an idea of using it as a background, with black and white fabrics and hand stitching with black embroidery thread.  This is a just for fun project, and there are no deadlines involved, which is a rare treat for me!

I Mistyfused about a fat quarter size of the fabric, and then fused it to a piece of wool blended felt.

This is my black and white box of fused fabrics
First design - a simple vine and leaf design - overall size is 6x8 (prayer flag size)

This one is about 11x15, made on a wool blended felt foundation and backed with the same

Sewing with black thread, you can see how I jumped the needle, so that the sewing lines would not be visible on the background.  Each stitch at the beginning is anchored into place, so they won't come apart, when I cut the threads.
House and flowers 6x8 and I am really enjoying this process

Here is a detail of the stitching

I use these Snip-Eze snips at my sewing machine to clip threads.  Working on linen, I had to be extra careful, not to snip any of the threads on the background, so this tool really came in handy.

Here is what they look like.  They are available on the Havel's Scissors website.  I hope to have all of these little works of art done by next week, so be on the look out for that post!  Happy sewing and quilting!


  1. I think these little pieces are so much fun. I look forward to seeing them completed.

  2. You created some lovely textures of Embroidery Machine designs..


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