Saturday, March 15, 2014

National Nonwovens

Here is a bin of Mistyfused fabrics from my line - ready and willing to be used in a project.

So, I decided to make a small wall quilt for National Nonwovens - my exclusive source for wool blended felt, that I use as a foundation and a backing.

First, I found the letters to spell out National Nonwovens.  Now I am selection if I want a trailer or a house

The house wins!  Love the cup and saucer on the roof!

It's a little jaggedy, so I am going to add some other fabrics to make a quilt block

A little flower fabric, and some more blues for the sky

And some bunting flags.  I am building this on a Goddess Sheet - Fat, made by Mistyfuse
I am showing the back, and if you click on the image, you can see how many pieces of fabric are actually in this block

Square it up using a Havel's Rotary Cutter - the big one.  Their cutting mat is pretty fabulous too!

Then I added a small strip of black and white stripe and black and white circles - 2 sides each around the edge.  And the text, and some houses and other motifs from the text fabric.

I ironed the panel onto a piece of black wool blended felt, then trimmed the sides, just so it is still showing.  Then I am using this wonderful fuschia wool blended felt for the backing, and I trimmed it, so you can still see it.  Black is TOY002, and Fuschia is WCF001. Then I free motion quilted the entire piece.

Finished!  I hope they like it for their booth at Spring Market - showing viewers other ways to use their amazing wool blended felt

Close Up

even closer!


  1. WOW!!! I love watching your quilt grow. It is truly beautiful. Hugs


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