Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Studio and Other Fun Things

I ordered a SewEzi Grande table at Festival in Houston last fall.  It was easy to assemble, and came with the only tool you would need to put it together. This will be the first time I've had a table that is flush with my sewing machine.  The link is here to their site

This is what it looks like from where I sit to sew.  I ordered a special acrylic insert that fits my machine and the table. It also has an accessory tray on the right side for scissors, pins and bobbins.  I love the view from here in my studio.

This Iris Chest stores everything that I would need for sewing, and it's on wheels.  I was twisting and turning around for these drawers, but now I am so happy to have it by my side.  I have their portable table too and it's on wheels.  It's sew ezi to sew at home!
People often ask me how I stay so organized.  Here is my secret. This journal book.  I have one for each year.  I love the quote on the cover!

See the tabs on the sides?  They are made by the Post It Note people, and you put them on the end of the pages.  They are not permanent, so you can move them around, just like Post It's.  I start each book with my word for the year, and goals.  With each new idea and/or project, it gets put in the book.  I even keep a list of the quilts that are available for entering into shows, with all of the vital info, so it's at my fingertips.

Here is one page out of the book.  Planning some reorganization in my studio.  Have this old card cabinet, that is empty.  I am thinking about storing all of my zippers and heavy metal trim in it.
One of the projects that I am working on is using this image.  A pile of slides from cleaning out my parents carousels - 32 of them to be exact.  This is the discard pile.  I think this image will make an interesting art quilt. Stay tuned.
Each week, I've decide to clean out stuff.  This is the button mess that needs to be reorganized in a system that works.  And this isn't all of them.  I've got more.  I love buttons!  
Another work in progress.  I have made a bunch of these blocks and now it it time to put them together to create a larger piece of artwork.  'Escape for the Nine Patch' might be its title!  This is actually a couple of quilts that I cut up to make something new out of.  I mean why not?
And I'm working on this old library cabinet. It needs a complete re-do.  Paint and new fabrics.  Bet you can't guess what fabrics I am going to use?  I am thinking of fusing the parts together with Mistyfuse to create small quilts, and then decoupaging them onto the cabinet.  Another new method for Mistyfuse!  Who knew!
Happy to report that I will be teaching at The City Quilter in NYC on Sunday, September 21st from 3-5pm in conjunction with the Quilt Alliance event weekend "Quilters Take Manhattan."  We will be making "Story House" quilts, made with fabrics from my line, Mistyfuse and free motion machine quilting!  The event weekend is fabulous, so you should look into seeing about how you can attend.


  1. I just bought a similar table for my Juki and I can't use it because it shakes too much. How does your table work with your machine?

  2. You have sure been busy for a woman with a broken foot! Everything is looking great. Love the table. It is so nice having the machine even with the table and at just the right height. Someday I will buy one for my Juki. Looking forward to seeing the slide quilt!


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