Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cabinet Uppidy-Do

See the cabinet in the corner?  It's moving to the front of my studio, but it needs a complete overhaul first.  It stores mostly paper, cardboard books and card making supplies
This is an old library cabinet that I've had for years.  Being a huge fan of Mary Engelbreit, I decoupaged the cabinet with her fabrics.
This is the inside - with a nice amount of shelves.  I don't think that I am going to repaint the inside.
This side is a group of different fabrics, including one of my Girl Scout designs transferred to fabric.  It is a little on the lumpy side, so I am going to rip it off the side with a pair of pliers.
This side is also a mish-mash of fabrics and nothing on the lower portion.  The plans for this started with an idea to cover it with my own fabric line.  Then I changed my direction, and decided to use stencils to create something totally different.
I painted the entire cabinet with 2 coats of Modern Masters paint, because it has excellent coverage.  It is the perfect red.
I started with my own designs for StencilGirl Products, and their alphabet stencils on Deli paper using acrylic paint.  Deli paper is great to stencil, paint and decoupage with.  It's not as fragile as tissue paper, and not as strong as parchment, but seems to have an almost transparent affect when decoupaged onto something else.

I added the red paint and painted in the stencil images of 2 houses and 2 cups of Joe

The start of something really fun

Close up of one of the panels
The cabinet is my canvas.  I carefully laid it down on a table to make it easier to work on.

Here's some of the stencils that I used on the cabinet - all StencilGirl Products stencils.  I am not using the stencils in their entirety, but only portions of them for the effect that I would like to achieve

Let the fun begin!

This is one of the great thing about using stencils, is that you can see through to your work area, to know where to spread the paint.  You can achieve layers of designs because of this great feature.

It's coming together, and I really like how it is looking.

I added more words to continue my theme.  Love those dots!  The front is done, and now the sides need some stencils too, so stay tuned for more later!


  1. Good for you! Willing to change something that looks so good into something new and different and just as nice! Hard to do!

  2. Oh, I love what you're doing to this cabinet. Looking forward to seeing the progress; many thanks for sharing. It's got me thinking about a little cabinet I have that needs some color...

  3. How cute that cabinet has become ! Now the cabinet looks like a Jamie piece !


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