Thursday, May 22, 2014

BERNINA Ambassador!

I am happy and thrilled to report that I've become a new BERNINA Ambassador!
This is my new machine B 750 QE, that I will be sewing on for a year, and posting some techniques and projects on the We All Sew blog, which is here

This is the distance between the needle and the side of the machine.  Oooohhh sews like a dream!  The machine is completely computerized.  It has all kinds of bells and whistles that I've yet to discover.  I start taking classes next week to learn all about it.  In the meantime she will be getting a work out sewing all of my projects with a June 1st deadline!  Better get moving!


  1. Congratulations what a great opportunity for you. Looking forward to see what comes off this high tech machine!

  2. Congratulations! Will be interesting to see what you show us!

  3. WElcome to this awesome BERNINA club Jamie! So proud to be in your company. We'll finally get to meet someday, right??? Love and huggs!


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