Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh

National Nonwovens, the felt company.  I use their wool blended felt in all of my work.  And even though that I am not at Spring Market, my work will be, which I am excited about!
Hoffman California Fabrics.  My line of fabric is with this excellent company.  I made this piece with 3 different lines of their screenprints.  Every piece was cut with a Sizzix die cutting machine.
Vase made with Melly Testa's new fabric line from Windham "Meadowlark."
A 2-sided Folding House Book using Sizzix "House" die (which will debut at Spring Market), and "Cup & Saucer" - in the Sizzix booth


  1. All the art is amazing! I especially like the vase made from Melly Testa's fabric.

  2. I always love what you do... great work!

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