Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Rebel Quilting

Rebel Quilting:  Thinking Outside the Block.  Everything you want to know about making this art quilt above, which is the basis for everything that I create in my own studio.  I share with the viewer the tools that I use, and my favorite product that gets me to where I want to be - art quilt wise - Mistyfuse.  My favorite fusible web, that doesn't change the hand of the cloth.  There is a special package bundle available on Quilting Daily today.
Here is the design table from the filming of my DVD.  Using a variety of fabrics and showing how to fuse them.
This is the quilt that my design for the DVD was based on.  It's titled 'Square Dance.'
Fusing 3 squares of hand dyed fabric from Hoffman Fabrics.  I roll it out, and then cut off the excess.  I store the excess in a gallon zip lock bag and place it on my table away from my iron.

Then I lay a Fat Goddess Sheet over the top, and iron the MF into place with a dry hot iron, making sure that I run my iron over the edges.  Wait till it's cool and then rip off the Goddess Sheet.  I feel that the Goddess Sheet really seals in the Mistyfuse.  It also protects your iron.

This is how you can tell what side the Mistyfuse is on, because it is shiny.  But, it doesn't change the hand of the cloth, which means that the fabric is still flimsy and and if you had it in your had, you couldn't tell that it has fusible on it.

This small art quilt was stenciled and all of the fabric was fused to wool blended felt, and backed with the same.  The painted surface was very easy to sew through.  Quilting Daily is having a special package deal with my DVD and Mistyfuse. And a whole bunch of information on the Quilting Daily site about using Mistyfuse.  Here is the link.

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