Monday, May 05, 2014

Stenciling and Stamping

The past few weeks I have been spending many hours experimenting with stencils, and stamping.  This piece is about 12 inches wide by 8 inches high.  It has been stenciled, and stamped with the end of a Starbucks Double Shot can.

Like here, taking red acrylic paint, brushed onto the end of the can and stamped on the fabric

This is a foam stamp, that I made myself, with Fun Foam

and another one.  I like the stripes that this stamp creates

I cut the fabric to create 3 squares that are 6x6 each, and Mistyfused to black wool blended felt

Here is one up close and personal

I thought that these two houses would look nice on the square.  They are okay by themselves, but I really think they need another color to set them off

So, here is a nice red Batik.  I think it brings all of the colors together.  Next step will be to free motion machine quilt them.

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