Saturday, July 26, 2014

DWW The Rebel Way!

This Sizzix die cutting machine is one of my most favorite tools.  Fabi - made exclusively for Quilting area of their lines, much like a Big Shot. Sizzix die cutting machines and dyes can be bought at your local big box store or on Amazon. The quilt underneath was made out of pre-Mistyfused fabrics, and all of the fabric was cut with dies, and I used this platform.  6" wide dies are its limit for cutting. Portable, light and easy to use, all over my studio.
For the DWW (double wedding ring) project, I needed to use this big girl - The Big Shot Pro, because the rings were 9" across. Sizzix #659163 - 9" ring.  Their machines all work the same way in sort of a sandwich.  Cutting pad, die, fabrics, cutting pad.  Easy peasy!

First, I fused all of the fabrics with Mistyfuse!  I love this fusible web, because it doesn't change the hand of the cloth.  It works every time, all of the time.  No paper to pull off.  I use Goddess Sheets made by Mistyfuse that helps secure it to the fabric, along with an iron, and protects my work surface, as well as the iron.  These rings are laying on a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet that covers my entire design table.  After the fabrics were fused, I layered them up and put them on the Big Shot Pro, and cut out the 4 circles, and did them all at one time!

Then I cut a piece of wool blended felt.  National Nonwovens #TOY002, large enough so that all four rings would fit on it.  My finished quilt was to be 16" square.

I arranged, and rearranged the circles to get them in the right configuration, overlapping, cutting slits, putting them under another ring.

Then I pressed them into place with my hot dry iron.  Now I am ready to roll.
Now for the fun part.  I used the text fabric from my line "Home is Where Your Story Begins" by Hoffman California Fabrics.  I fused the fabric with Mistyfuse, so I could just place them on the circle, and iron them into place.  It is the greatest thing to use the words and phrases, but then another to make up my own words, using the letters.

Yay!  So happy with how it looks.  Those are my Havel's Scissors in the lower right hand corner. They are the greatest for fussy cutting, the blades grip the fabric, to get the perfect cut

Closer Up

I am cutting them out, by trimming the felt around the edges.

I am just so happy how this came together

I cut out the insides, because the next step is to sew zipper trim on the outside edges.  You can view the tutorial on the BERNINA We All Sew blog.


  1. Thanks for information ..(did you really post it at 3am?)

  2. When you write about the die cutting machines, let us know which one you prefer, if you could only have one and why.. I am trying to figure out how I would use one... and if it would benefit me,, cutting out a lot is getting to my hands..
    Also I have a husband that thinks when I look at something I want it, so don't want the wrong thing turning up for Christmas or my birthday... enjoy your day..


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