Saturday, September 06, 2014

12x12 Project

I am making a series of "healing' quilts that will be used for a larger project.  Dream. Mistyfused and ready to be free motion machine quilted

Free motion machine quilted

The back so you can see the quilting.  Sewn on a BERNINA 750 QE, with Aurifil black thread.  The backing is a wool blended felt TOY002 by National Nonwovens
Healing.  Hoffman Batiks and hand dyes, and the text from my fabric line.  I cut out three different size circles on a Sizzix machine with 3 different fabrics, and then sliced them down to create these zen like nests

After photographing this piece, I decided that it needed some brightening up, so I added the yellow.

Free motion machine quilted
I love the stitching on the back. I think this is quite beautiful
Heart and Soul.

Ready for quilting


The back, so you can see the details of the quilting.  This gives me ideas for quilting on a plain piece of fabric and free motion quilting a design as you go.  You know, whatever floats your boat. More to come.


  1. Love your pieces and the sentiments. I have been doing more pieces with sayings, just love something that you can look at and be inspired by. Makes nice gifts for friends and people who need a little inspiration during a bad time.


  2. Wonderful pieces, Thank you so much for sharing the "before and afters" and the free motion - Just perfect!

  3. I love all of these! I especially love the motion in the healing block! How large will the quilt be eventually? Is there a special place it is headed?


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