Thursday, September 11, 2014

Composition Book Re-Do

Picked this up at Target on the sale rack. My current notebook is nearing the end, so it's time to make a new one

This is the perfect project to use the scraps from making Stencil samples for my new line from StencilGirl Products

Using Matte Medium, I basically decoupaged all of the stenciled fabrics to the front and back of the composition book.  It didn't take long to realize that I should have painted the front and back with Gesso to get rid of the black and white lines.  Oh well.

The back had fabrics that easily covered up the lines, so that was good.

Solution?  Paint the house quilt square with acrylic paint!

It is getting brighter and much more fun!  Maybe use some Copic markers too!  They work nicely on fabric!

A joyful front cover for sure!

I trimmed off the excess fabric with a pair of scissors.  And now it's ready to go! Everywhere with me.  My new to do list and idea book.  Now onto planning my booth at Quilt Market inside the Hoffman Fabrics booth!  Sew fun!


  1. Good idea.

    I've never been successful taking a sketchbook with me and I'm always a little jealous of those who do....

  2. Love the result of your book. Do you find the Matte Medium puts a haze over the fabric or does it eventually dry clear?

  3. Thanks for sharing this idea. This is what I need to do to a favorite journal that has seen better days. Give it a new life.


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