Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Weather is Somewhere!

My thoughts about 'Fall' drawn with a Sharpie fine point pen and painted with watercolors.  I am yearning for crisp breezes and the leaves turning orange and red.  I was in Cleveland and NYC last week and I had the pleasure of experiencing 'Fall.' It was lovely.

Book recommendations:  The Eulogist by Liz McKinney Johnson, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Art, Inc by Lisa Congdon, Burnt Toast Makes you Sing by Kathleen Flinn, and The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

Painting on tags, one of my favorite things.  I bought these from ULINE.  They are white and slick.  I could rough them up a bit if I wanted to, but I am rather liking how the watercolor paint pools in certain sections.

Coffee with friends.  I had a delicious latte with my friend, Leslie Tucker Jenison at Birch Coffee in NYC and with my daughter in The Breslin Room at the Ace Hotel in NYC last week!

The colors of Fall in my hometown, which I hope will be orange and red leaves.  High today is 90 degrees.  When I left for Cleveland last week, it was triple digits weather. The leaves might burn off the trees at this point.

The watercolor palette.  What are your colors?


  1. Lovely. Fall is my absolute favorite season. Not for the colors so much as for the temperatures.

  2. Sorry, I know this is rude a bit. But sometimes, in the middle of writing a comment, everything locks on me and I can't finish - I live in KY where it's much too hot for my taste in the summer, so fall is always such a welcome relief. Don't you kind of have fall colors all the time out west? It strikes me as being a red/brown part of the country, while the east coast is much more lush and green.

  3. Your post made me smile! It's so wonderfully colorful!

    Our North Texas summers are brutal so I always look forward to fall. It's my favorite season, and I love it!

    I find the colors I've been drawn to lately have been green, yellow, purple and pink.

    Have a creatabulous day,

  4. Hope you had a good NYC visit! Yes, the weather's been absolutely gorgeous here... Adorable projects.


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