Monday, September 29, 2014

Pages from My Sketchbooks

I am gathering a very nice collection of sketchbooks.  These are Moleskin pocket size books.  I can carry one in my small purse quite easily.You never know when inspiration may strike you, so it's good to be prepared. It is rather fun to review where it all began with this format, my favorite so far.

I like to write on the first page where the Moleskin came from.  Thinking back to a trip to NYC with Leslie Tucker Jenison, and we spent a lovely day with my daughter.  This is a Story Book by Moleskin, my most favorite book style to date.

Looking back at my Airstream trailer drawings, which was the basis of an article in Quilting Arts magazine - the Travel issue the summer of 2013 - from sketch to quilt, and many art quilts, a fabric line 'Home is Where Your Story Begins' by Hoffman Fabrics and even stencils for StencilGirl Products
A play on patterns, a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

The summer of 2013.  A trip to Art Supply Warehouse with Leslie Tucker Jenison is always an adventure!  And sad to be reminded that this was our last Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA

A family vacation in Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival.

An emotional time of waiting to hear if I had breast cancer, which I did not, thankfully. Drawing at that time was a welcome friend.

Love this gift from my man.

I would call this kitchen kitsch

Fun patterns

This is a new style Moleskin for me, with completely blank pages, and thicker for markers

Pattern making, using a Sharpie fine point pen

Copic marker fun
Book 5, also a story book format

With this book, I am trimming the pages with Washi tape, for an added bonus.  It is a bit time consuming, and it is adding bulk to the book, but I kinda like the whimsical look of it.

If you follow me, you know how much I love tags, and usually they are manilla tags, that you can buy at your local big box office supply store.  This group is from ULINE and they are larger than the manila ones, and white.  Really slick on one side (do not want to use that side, paint doesn't stick very well), and the other side is more porous for painting.  This book is dedicated to watercolors.  The cover of this custom made book, is Grungeboard, that has been painted with watercolors.
Here is a quick view of what is inside

Here is my painting desk at home.  I rarely paint in my studio with watercolors. These are usually weekend projects.


  1. Oh, Jamie, how lovely your sketchbooks are, both inside and out! I feel completely inspired, though I wish had some small portion of your fun and fearless drawing ability. My little moleskin knockoff sketchbook goes with me everywhere but it's not very often that I actually take it out and draw. Fear of the blank page! I've got to get over myself because I'd love to feel some of the joy that jumps off your sketchbook pages. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  2. I really admire your style of creativity Jamie....pretty darn great !

  3. I love your little sketchbooks. I have a moleskine calendar in my purse that I have really enjoyed and doodled in as well as taken care of appointments but I think I need to put a sketchbook in my purse next. It's always nice to have something to doodle on when I am waiting. I seem to do a lot of waiting. I really love what you are doing in your new thicker paged sketchbook! Very pretty! The washi tape on the books is a very nice touch as well!

  4. I adore your sketches!!! When I grow up, I want to be able to draw like you :-)

  5. Must, must , must follow your example! It's a drawing a day in October for me. You make it look accessible. I'm going to try to do what you do.

  6. I love your idea for the tag "book". Very fun! I might make one of my own! It seems like such a great way to house the tags, which I also enjoy making.

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