Thursday, March 26, 2015

Work in Progress

I wanted to make an art quilt with three houses on it, and not just any houses.  I love making house quilts.  I think the house is my most favorite motif, next to the cup and saucer. Usually I create a sky made of 2" squares. I had one of those 'what if?' moments.  What if the sky was made with hexagons?  I have a collection of these dies made by Sizzix.  These are about hand palm size.  I used Hoffman Fabrics, in all kinds of blues - batiks, hand dyes and commercial cottons, except for the black and white polka dot fabric..

Large hexagons for the sky and small hexagons for the landscape.  Each one is overlapped onto the next one, so it becomes a solid piece of fabric. Oh, and all the fabric was pre-fused with Mistyfuse.  I am pretty happy how it is shaping up.

I was trying out the sky on my design wall with the houses.  I built this on my design table which is lined with a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet by Mistyfuse.

I am bringing this ruler into play to make sure the houses are spaced equally

and checking that the houses are straight from the bottom to the top.  Stay tuned for more photos in a few weeks.

Another project - all 11" squares.  Fabric from my Heart & Soul Sisters line with Hoffman Fabrics.

a couple of closer up shots

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to put it altogether.
and last, but not least, these two quilts. Left - made with a variety of fabrics, sliced and put back together a different way. Right - all silk. Both are in the process of being finished.  I love the bright colors.  They look similar, but just different enough. This is first on my agenda next week.

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