Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A Peek Inside my Painting Book

A peek inside by Strathmore Mixed Media book.  My flowers of imagination. Quilted tulips!

Round about flowers

Hearts with swirls

These remind me of those floral glass paperweights

You can clearly see how my quilting life is joining up with my watercolor designs.  These are called "Jamie" flowers!

Big flower buttons


Love the colors in this one...they seem to glow.  Hot pink beauties!

Paint the town with red flowers!

A mix of my imaginary flowers.  So, if these were all fabric, what would you make out of this line?  Do you have 3 favorites?


  1. Your mixed media book is pretty darn awesome ! I love the quilted tulips, hot pink beauties (this is too hard, I like them all) and the round about flowers...I would make a collage quilt out of them. They are all so bright and happy !

  2. I love the hearts, Jamie's flowers and the hot pink beauties. I would make a summer tote bag and some tops for my granddaughters. I love all your designs on instagram.

  3. Hi Jamie..Glass Paperweights, Leaves and Imaginary Flowers... but the colour of the leaves does not relate to the other two (too grey)
    Thinking fabric, I like the Hot Pink Beauties as well and it's petals could be in various colours like the Imaginary Flowers (leaves in background relate)....teen Granddaughter quilts or sure!

  4. Hi Jamie, they are all gorgeous. My favorites are imaginary flowers, leaves, and hot pink beauties. I would make a quilt and it would be mine! Love your work.

  5. I'd make an overnight bag or flower sampler quilt. My favorites (sorry I picked five!) are:
    ⁃ tulips
    ⁃ Jamie flowers--they have a crocheted look to them
    ⁃ leaves
    ⁃ hot pink beauties
    ⁃ flower mix (last one)

  6. i like the red the best, the pink is great too - they all are!

  7. What a mixed media notebook! I love the hearts and the hot pink flowers and the leaves, but I do agree with a previous comment that the leaves need to be more of a clear green to match the other designs. But I'm a sucker for bright colors. What kind of notebook do you use?

  8. Jamie,I love looking inside your painting book. I would love all of them as fabrics.

  9. Thanks for the look inside your book, pretty amazing and so inspiring. I really like your designs and colours. They could be used in so many different ways.


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