Monday, October 12, 2015

Industrial Chic

This is the wrong side of the fabric covered with a huge piece of Mistyfuse white

This is a Goddess Sheet which is silicone, and nothing sticks to it.  The Mistyfuse bonds more easily to the fabric using this sheet, as opposed to using parchment paper

This is my plan.  Cut hexagons with the Sizzix Fabi machine using the Skyline fabric by Hoffman Fabrics.  Then cut smaller hexagons with the gray gradation fabric.  i want to start at the bottom at the darkest point of the fabric, and then build it up, row by row into the light. This is raw edge applique.

Cutting row by row the size of the Sizzix hexagon die. 
In this photo you can see the gray fabric in the smaller hexagon.  It looks washed out.  The fabric above looks way better.  It helps set off the skyline fabric.  This is also a Hoffman Fabrics digital print - diamond prisms, part of the 'wish you were here' collection.

I really like how this is looking.  My imagination is going nuts at this point with how it will be quilted.  And maybe I want to leave some of the thread tails exposed?

The hexagons spaced out on the black wool blended felt gave it just the right look.

I am liking how this looks. Both of these fabrics will be introduced at Fall Market 2015. This quilt will also be at Quilt Market in the Hoffman Fabrics booth.

I really think this rocks!  Free motion machine quilted with black thread with random straight lines and a few zigs and zags.  The way I quilted it, was way out of my comfort zone, because I usually do a very organic FMQ with vines and leaves..

close up.  you can click on it to see it larger


  1. Fantastic! I love this! LOL, out of your comfort zone when it looks like your work.

  2. Love love love this piece. Can't wait to get my hands on that fabric line!

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  5. Really interesting! A bit different from your usual colorful art but I like it!.

  6. WOW! Love it. Very different use of colour than your usual work. I hope it was fun to make, because I think it's a really fun piece.
    Pat f in Winnipeg

  7. The quilting is the perfect compliment to the lines on the fabric. Looks great!

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