Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What's for Dinner? and more

Houston for Market and Festival - rain, and lots of it
The  'What's for Dinner?' exhibit was busy with people the entire time of Quilt Festival.  This is a Quilts, inc special exhibit and it is co-juried by Leslie Tucker Jenison and me.  Special exhibits have a three year cycle, and this year marked the end of this one.

Leslie and I love seeing the exhibit for the first time, all set up on a long table, like a dinner party.  We see that most of these amazing place settings are not flat, but three dimensional. Love the artistry.

One end of the long table.

I am taking a picture of Leslie and she is taking a picture of me.  We were at Quilt Market and seeing as many exhibits as we could, because they are not crowded with people during this time

Here's the sign for the exhibit

Another close up of a place setting.  Click on the picture to see it larger.

Centerpieces were made by the artists too - amazing works in fiber

This is taken from the second floor of the convention center, so you can see the magnitude of the show during Festival

and lots of people around each exhibit

The vendor area - all on red carpet


  1. It was my first visit to the US and I was delighted to be working at both shows. The weather was a disappointment but it was lovely to see you and your work in person. It really is stunning!

  2. Wow! This show is Huge! Thanks for sharing the photos.


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