Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quilt Market Fun!

Gotta new haircut, just in time for Houston!

Here's one of my bags.  I carried on this bag and checked the other bag.  Shipped 4 boxes to Leslie Tucker Jenison, since she was driving to Houston.

Here are two quilts that I made for the Hoffman Fabrics booth using their amazing fabrics

Leslie and I in front of the facade of the RJR booth.  More pictures to come!

Seeing friends at Quilt Market is extra special.  Desiree Habicht and Rayna Gilman

Leslie in front of her quilt made with Hoffman Fabrics Me + You line - isn't it amazing?

New fabrics introduced.  I loved these screen prints!

Fiber on a Whim's booth

Artists is so creative in displaying their fabrics!

The RJR booth was amazing and they even won a booth award. Love the use of color, their heart and the many paper folded origami birds
A pattern from the Simplicity booth that I actually want to make!

Selfie by a hexagon

More booths - love the creativity of the chalk board

Dinner with friends - always time to celebrate!


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