Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Red Cup Art

The red cup marks the beginning of the holiday season for Starbucks.  There was a silly controversy about this cup not being in the holiday spirit because it was without artwork.  I look at this as an opportunity to make art on their cups.

Comfort and Joy

All about quilts
A collection of red cup art.  I went to Starbucks with the intention of buying cups for art.  They are 25 cents each.  I love to doodle with a black pen or marker...
and I love to doodle with my sewing machine.  So happy to say that I have an article in Cloth Paper Scissors 'Zen Doodle Workshop' Winter 2016 issue
Sneak peek into coloring book #2 'Whimsical Quilts & Notions' coming out in early 2016.  Drawn by hand, printed in heavier paper so you can use markers and water colors, and colored pencils too. Coil bound for easy coloring. Quilts, whimsy, notions and pure fun for your imagination!


  1. How fun!! Starbucks should hire you!!

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  3. Great idea - makes me smile!

  4. Red Cup Art! Clever! I've had fun doodling too!

  5. Well post and i also make this arts and fun with class fellows thanks for sharing paraphrasing machine .


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