Monday, January 04, 2016

Coloring Book #2

Whimsical Quilts & Notions is my newest coloring book!  It contains 12 pages to color on heavier paper that it one-sided, so you can use watercolor paints if you so desire. It is all drawn by hand. It has spiral binding, so the pages lay flat when you color.  Chip board on the back. You can use colored pencils and markers too. Sharpies or Copic markers work well too, but I would put a piece of paper behind the page, to prevent bleeding onto the next.  I've never had that happen, but it could. I am pretty excited to launch my newest book all about my passion for quilting. The theme is quilts and notions, so you get the idea from the front cover.
Whimsical Quilts & Notions is available now!  See icons in the right column.  US Residents only for now.  $19.95 each and $6.00 for shipping and handling.  A peek inside the book is below!

For a limited amount of time, I am offering Book 1 & 2 as a set for $35.00 and $6.00 Shipping & Handling.  That's two books with a $5.00 discount. Double the fun!  If you live nearby and want to pick up your book or books, please send me an email, and I can bill you without shipping.  See Coloring Books in the upper tabs for ordering information So excited about this!


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  3. I read this coloring book and i love it because it has complete painting process thanks for share it top notch cover .


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