Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Trip - Part 1

We began our trip in Seattle at Dahlia, a lovely restaurant with amazing decor and delicious food

These three charming paintings greeted us when we came in the door

Hand made paper and woven lamp

Onions made out of wood

A beautiful transparent handmade fish

A show of the restaurant and the lamps

Taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island
Flowers on the walk to breakfast

I think these might be pretty hard to draw

I always love visiting Town & Country market on Bainbridge.  Their produce department is amazing. Blackberries and currants!

The entire row is filled with every kind of mushroom. Be still my heart
This is the beauty that awaited us at the Inn at Vineyard Lane. It's kinda off the beaten path, but so gorgeous.

Pages from my sketchbook

another view of the gardens where we stayed

Boats stacked in Indianola

Gorgeous view from my friends house in Indianola

My long time friend, Jayne Larson and me - such a great visit!
More flowers from the gardens where we stayed

My kindred spirit Sue Morton and me.  We have known each other for 29 years and we share the love of art!
Pretty views on Bainbridge Island


  1. Lucky you spending time with Jayne. I'm jealous

  2. Great photos! The restaurant was artful down to every last detail.

  3. Thank you for sharing this post. I have family in Washington (don't get to see too often) and I really enjoyed your photos!

  4. Beautiful Photos! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a lovely trip! Like your sketches too


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