Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Trip - Part 2

Elandan Gardens - getting our zen on

This place had the most amazing gardens with a concentration on Bonsai trees. I just loved the views, trees and gorgeous setting. It also had the best gallery store!

I love a tree with a beautiful blue sky behind it

I could just bask in the glow of this view

Great sculptures too

I see quilts everywhere

Art glass hanging from the trees

and some picturesque ponds

bonsai, pronounced bones eye

Steve and Steve

the guys getting ready to go fishing for the day
a little game of pool

Out to lunch with Steve & Mary with Steve and me.  We had such a great trip!


  1. Oh my! You were in Seattle, which is where I live! I hope we can meet each other if/when you return. I've never been to Elandan Gardens. Looks nice.

  2. Very Nice Photos, Jamie!


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