Monday, February 06, 2017

Clean Up on Aisle 7

I am still cleaning out and getting rid of things that I will never use. I find it so interesting that as I age, i can clearly see and am able to give away or sell these things. I just don't want to hang onto them anymore. So, every week, I clean out a small section in my studio

I had two Bernina's set up here, but decided to take the oldest one down and put it away, making room for my drawing table

My design table looks good right now in this photo, but at present the top is not visible because of the piles of fabrics on it

My inspiration wall got some new decor, and I changed some things around. This kinda change is very positive

Wool blended felt bolts from National Nonwovens on the two lower shelves, and all of those boxes are filled with Mistyfused fabrics. One for each fabric line that I have designed

The storage area. What do I need to store for later? That's the question of the hour

We have had so much rain, that I have a river of water by the railroad tracks. I hope this never overflows. My studio is the closest unit to tracks

My drawing and painting table
Every time I go to Ikea, I stand and stare at this little house, that could be shelves in my studio. I am still thinking about it and where it would fit into my studio. A girl can dream.

A whimsical and magical pin cushion - a gift from my friend Leslie


  1. I can totally relate to your chronic rearranging and purging. I do that too, but I need to make better progress. Btw I still have a modernist doll house that my grandfather made for me, similar to yours, AND I use it as storage shelves in my daughter's closet. It works.... Fingers crossed for the water level. It still has a ways to go.

  2. Wonderful space and I am in need of some cleaning and purging myself.


  3. This was a fun "trip" through your studio - So colorful and very inspiring! Thank you.


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