Thursday, February 16, 2017

Color My World - First Peek!

I love color! I am sharing a behind the scenes scenario all about color.  I have a new line that will debut at Quilt Market in May of this year.  It's called a 'blender' line and has about...wait for it....84 different fabrics in the collection.  hopscotch is the name by RJR Fabrics!  I am so excited!  My task was to name all of the colors in my line, and could not use anything in RJR's existing lines.
I rose to the challenge to start making lists. I enjoy making lists. My line is called hopscotch - play time, so this is my first list about everything about playing outside and wondered if any of these could be used for a color name

Here are some more. Glad I saved these lists, because I can use them for my next line

Then I got into the meaning of colors and that might be fun!

Color ideas by design.  There are 11 different hand drawn designs in my collection.
another cool thing about RJR Fabrics is that I could design my selvages.  My handwriting, my icons, my design names.  This is so fun, and I am cutting each selvage off the fabrics as I Mistyfuse them.  The ideas are swirling around in my head of what to make with these.
I am creating my own color/pattern/sku system that will be useful when I am designing quilts. I started with the strike-offs that i received in the Fall and compared them with the actual fabrics.  There were many color tweaks, so I had to make new cards for those.
As I Mistyfuse the fabrics in this line, I organize them by color on this bamboo drying rack.  It just makes it easier for me to really SEE what I have.  Stay tuned for more photos and fun with my line!  Quilt with Love.


  1. I love the playfulness of the line, from all the names, the selvedges, and the artwork. I can't wait to play with some of the prints! They will be so much fun! I think they will become a staple for so many quilt makers. Congratulations and good luck! xo

  2. High chroma colour swatches make me skip! And you even have my favourite chartreuse greens. Congratulations on the new line.

  3. I swore I was going to NOT buy any more fabric until I had reduced my stash by 40 %. I love your new fabrics. I need to sew fast so I can buy them when they come to market.


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