Saturday, March 18, 2017

Doll Bed Makeover

Selvages. I love them. Collect them. And now I have this big collection of my own selvages from my new line 'hopscotch.' RJR Fabrics allows their designers to create their own artwork for the selvages. I included the name of each design too, and it's all in my own hand. I just love that!

So, with every yard that I fused, I made sure the Mistyfuse went all the way into the selvage. I had a project in mind. The easiest way to make this - covering a mattress on a doll bed - was to fuse the selvages to another piece of fabric that will never show

I am trying to mix up the colors and designs here, making sure that I overlap the selvages

This is so fun!  This gives you another sneak peek at my first line with RJR Fabrics. Debuting at the International Quilt Market in St. Louis in mid-May. The fabric will ship to stores in August 2017.

Skipping over to making the doll quilt. Sizzix dies to create the hexagons. This is the first project that I have made with my line. These have all been fused with Mistyfuse first, then cut on the Sizzix die cutting machine. They are carefully overlapped on to one another. This is a terrific way to see some of the patterns in this collection

I am using a tape measure to make sure than I keep within my range for the size doll quilt that I want to make.

This is way fun.

The doll quilt has white wool felt from National Nonwovens on the inside and backed with this very fun orange print. I cut around each hexagon to make this fun design on each side of the quilt

The mattress cover was sewn together like a pillow. I am so happy with how this turned out!

Doll bed with selvage mattress and hexagon quilt using fabrics from my 'hopscotch' line by RJR Fabrics. Quilt with Love. This project gave me much joy!


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