Monday, March 13, 2017

The Art of Organization

I am happy to be a new fabric designer for RJR Fabrics!  Many people have asked me how I keep it altogether when I am working on projects for my line of fabric. One yard cuts of each design and colorway arrived and I got to work. I use a bamboo dryer for all of my fused fabrics.  It's a way to keep them organized while I work. It doesn't always look this nice, for when I am working on a series of projects, this turns into a heap of fabric on top and then by Friday, it has to be reorganized.

I set up this table for the folded fabrics by color. This is where I get more fabric to fuse. After I fuse a fabric from these piles, the fabric is folded differently, so I know it has gone through the second phase of fusing, and the folded fabric gets smaller and smaller.

I have two boxes on my design table. This one is for scraps that are the size of my hand or larger. They are all fused with Mistyfuse.  As I work, I add pieces to this box. I can use these for my ongoing wall quilts for my line.

With every fabric that gets fused, I put the selvage in this box. I love selvages. If you click on the photo you can see my custom selvages, printed with my own handwriting. Each selvage has the name of the design on it. I am tickled pink at the thought of these.

The floor by my design table collects all of the really small pieces of fabric that go in the trash at the end of every week. I can stand alot of clutter, but when it gets to the point where I find myself tripping over it, it's time to clean.
Here is the start of one of my many projects. Dresden plate blades made with a Sizzix die. You can see some of the prints in this photo. Just a peek.

Some people have expressed an interest in my scraps, so I decided to keep some. These are scraps from the Sizzix machine that will be saved for that someone who wants to buy it at the end of my sewing time. Onward and upward to Quilt Market in St. Louis!

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  1. The most important part of starting something new is first making yourself more organized or keeping your workplace organized. you are doing an amazing job at that


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