Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Going to PIQF in Santa Clara

Today, I am heading out to Santa Clara for the Pacific International Quilt Festival to represent the exhibit ‘Threads of Resistance.’ I am so excited to be there and it is my first visit to this show! I am looking forward to meeting some of the artists who have work in this exhibit, as well as, seeing old friends.  This is the second venue for this exhibit and I can’t wait to see it all in person.

This is the book for the Threads of Resistance traveling exhibit. It is available on Amazon. I make all kinds of art in my line of work, but it is the emotional pieces such as this that make it the most meaningful to me. I am using my God given talent to protest this administration in my art and with my voice. 

This is my Quilt in the exhibit all about the first 100 days of outrage about 45. Everyday was something new, chaos, bait and switch, lies, taking away our freedoms, war of women’s health, the travel ban, our education system, clean air and water. And we are still a nation in turmoil with his outrageous tweets, gutting the EPA, taking away a women’s right to have access to birth control and leaving the decision to their religious company owner to decide. 45 calls white supremists very fine people. A new travel ban. Tax reform that only helps the rich and makes it worse for the middle and poor. He is sounding more unstable everyday and now challenging the Secretary of State to an IQ test - is he in junior high? Ugh. 

Threads of Resistance book marks with the exhibit travel schedule and buttons to wear. I will have these with me at the show. On Saturday there will be an artists gathering in the exhibit at 11am and hopefully a photo op. 


  1. I am reading this as I sit waiting for my PIQF. My first time also, and it's the Threads of Resistance that did it for me. Hooray!

  2. Let us know know you feel about the exhibit after seeing it is person. I would like to see more of the quilts.

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