Friday, October 20, 2017

The Urban Garden fabric line

Counting down the days until Quilt Market. I am working with Leslie Tucker Jenison’s newest line with RJR Fabrics. Her Schoolhouse at Market is Friday, October 27 at 11:00am in Room 352D. Hope to see you there!

The Urban Garden. I absolutely love this line. Leslie is a surface design artist and maker. These designs are from her surface design work.

Selvages. At RJR, Fabric designers design their own selvages. Leslie’s lines all have ‘Be Authentic’ with bees

Love rock formations, so I thought I would challenge myself by making these rocks and then sewing them altogether. Rock pile in the concrete jungle. I love the colors and textures in this collection.

Gardening Gals. My next challenge was to make a portrait quilt 18x18 wth her line. Don’t you just love the big dots? Me with a cup and saucer on my head and Leslie with a bird and nest. 

Next up...I am going to make myself a dress for Quilt Market. This pattern by Amy Barrickman/Indigo Junction (also an RJR designer). I am going to make it longer and out of two fabrics from Leslie’s line. I am going to add pockets! I used to make all of my clothes way back when. Hopefully, I am going on the just like riding a bike theory.


  1. Your gardening gals are beautiful. I've been meaning to do a fabric portrait.

  2. Jamie, you are so inspirational, I'm going to jump out of my chair right now and Make Something! And I love Leslie's new fabric line!

  3. Just finished a Puritan style dress for darling is sew hard to make 5/8" seams after one thousand miles of 1/4" quilt seams!

  4. I really love your design I am gonna try them for sure, nice, color-full and creative one.
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