Monday, April 30, 2018

The Power of Women

I am making a life size self portrait for The Power of Women special exhibit in Houston. There are 3 layers of quilting opportunities for this exhibit. The deadline is July 13. This portrait is for the lowest layer. I start most of my portrait work with an actual size drawing. This is on giant graph paper that is scotch taped together. 2 feet wide by 6 feet high

I am going to lay the drawing under a Goddess Sheet. You can see the lines underneath. This is my guide. I am fussy cutting the head with my Havel’s scissors 7” with fine teeth and a serrated blade. They hug the fabric to prevent slippage 

Now for my signature motifs on my head. A cup and saucer with a house in the cup. And she has a body too. This entire quilt will be made using fabrics from my two lines with RJR Fabrics: Hopscotch and Sewing 101. All of my designs are hand drawn.

My first Bernina, the one that I can easily carry. 153QE. I have jeans on with rips in the knees.

Progressing slowly and now I have Birkenstocks and striped socks on my feet. She just needs a little tweaking before I make the background. Onward and upward.

Here is the other quilt that I made for the top layer of this exhibit 36x36 The Artful Garden. It is block printed with my own designs and made into blocks with fabrics from RJR. My shoes match! It made for a fun picture.

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