Thursday, May 03, 2018

Studio Spring Clean Blog Hop

Cheryl Sleboda gave a shout out on Facebook for anyone who wanted to participate in her annual Spring Clean blog hop! I looked around my very messy studio and decided to rise to the challenge and join in on the fun! 

Here is an example of stuff. I tend to load up counter areas which become a total mess and not very usable. There is a light box under there.

I decided to move my Sizzix Big Shot Pro and does to this area. I went through all of my books too. Now the cutter has a better place to be and all of my dies are easily accessible.  

This is supposed to be my drawing desk, but as you can see there is no room to sit down and just draw. Fabric everywhere. Did I tell you I’m a fabric designer? I design for RJR Fabrics! 

I moved my sewing machine table to where my desk was and this is working out much better. My studio is in an industrial building and sort of like a concrete shoe box. I have a truck door at the back and double doors in the front. There is a huge compression fan mounted on the ceiling that always adds a lot of black dust to my sewing machine, so there is the reason for the swap.

I only make wall quilts and I am a major Mistyfuser. These Iris Chests are filled with fused fabrics by collection of RJR Fabrics. The bins to the left are also fused fabrics by color from other fabric companies.

This is a bakers cart. All of my projects are on trays and inserted in this cart. I can take out a tray and put it on my table to work on. I can see it, therefore I won’t forget about it.

I wish I could say that this got cleaned up, but no. I think it will be forever messy. My painting and stenciling area. I design stencils for StencilGirl Products. I love the IKEA carts for my paint supplies!

Left wire rack is thread, Rick rack, embroidery thread, sewing supplies which all needed to be reorganized. The fabric on the right are from my lines with RJR Fabrics -Hopscotch is a blender line with 84 colors and 11 hand drawn designs, and Sewing 101 is all about my favorite things in my sewing room. These fabrics are waiting to be cut into fat quarters. Waiting for my fairy god mother to arrive

Totally cleaned out and reorganized. I can easily find everything

This is my stash of the fabrics that I have designed in an Ikea shelf unit. You may be asking about the sign? I do have positive affirmations all around my studio because they make me happy

This is the main part of my stash wall with my polka dot collection. These are stored in CD shelves

My row of ikea shelves and cabinets. There is no electrical on this side of the room, so this was the perfect place for all of the white shelves. My goal is to keep stuff off of the floor, you know like boxes, bags and things that I am lazy about putting away. Just do it!

I was hoping to clear this stuff out, but alas it sits waiting for me to clean it up. The bins on the right store all of my quilts by subject or series

My studio is my happy place. I work full time as an artist Monday through Friday. It may never be totally clean, but I am happy with that. It’s all mine and I can make huge messes and I don’t have to clean them up!

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  1. What a wonderful studio! Looks great, Jamie!

  2. Love the baker's rack idea. All project items in one place and moveable. Also keeps things visible.

  3. The baker's rack is impressing me too. It looks like something with my style of work (out of sight, out of mind) and makes it easy to put away projects.

  4. Love your studio share, I have felt better about my cluttered space seeing how manyof you work like I do. Plus got some great storage ideas from you. will be following your blog now!!

  5. Love the space you have. You have me thinking about using some CD shelves that I have. Thanks for the inspiration!


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