Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Rolling Cart Re-Do

It started out as a sewing supplies cart that I stenciled when I first moved into my studio over 7 years ago.

Now it’s going to be a drawing and painting cart that I can store all of my watercolor paints, pens, rulers, sketchbooks, and painting notebooks. Everything in one place and I can roll it to where it needs to go. I used acrylic paint with StencilGirl stencils. I wanted it to look old and messy. Mission accomplished!

This is going home with me, since I do all of my drawing and painting at home. The cart is from Cost Plus Marketplace. Onward and upward. 

I am consolidating my studio. Today I cleaned out this cabinet and it felt so good to just get it done. I had this at home, and in my former studio, before moving it here in 2012. 

And a friend and her daughter came by to pick it up for her home studio. I am delighted! One down, and so many more to go. 

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