Thursday, September 26, 2019

Oh no, not again!

Just leaving for the airport to visit our kids and the grands, my hip dislocated and I fell hard onto the carpet at my husband’s office. It knocked the shoe off my left foot. My Apple Watched dinged and told me that I took a hard fall, and then asked if I was okay. It even gave me a 911 button to push if I needed it. Amazing technology 

Another ambulance ride, only this time to Hoag in Irvine. Do you like the stripe sock with my pink Birkenstock’s? I can’t figure out why no one put my shoe back on?

That’s me in the mirror. I thought it was rather cool. Why, oh why do emergency room workers want to cut your clothes off? I didn’t let that happen. Oh my.

A picture after pain meds. Oh so fun! That oxygen mask is such a fashion statement. Just fix the issue already. Dr. Doozie was there to explain to me what I was not going to be doing this next week. Nothing stupid. So, would that mean - digging holes in the backyard or re-doing my garden, or climbing a ladder? He was not amused. Lucky, for me, my hip doctor is a tad more positive than Dr. Doogie. I could resume driving and whatever else. No heavy lifting and to just be careful. I can live with that.

Technology. That blue box on my wrist keeps track of me in the hospital. My Apple Watch and the finger thang. I was well taken care of in the emergency room by a score of men in all beautifully colorful scrubs, each one with their own meaning: helpers, nurse, specialist, surgeon. They were able to put my hip back into place with drugs and I don’t remember a thing, thankfully. Home in 4 hours. I found out that I am pretty talkative on drugs. Who knew? My husband thought it was hilarious. He has made dinner every night since I got home. He put together a walker with a seat for me to get around the house and wherever I need to go, so I can feel safe. Onward and upward to the next chapter. Now, back to drawing and painting. 


  1. Ho awful to have a fun when you are about to visit the grands. Glad you are well taken care of.

  2. I need to learn to type. How awful to have a fall. . .


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