Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Drawing, Painting and Spoonflower

I am happy to announce that I have a Spoonflower shop. link to shop

I love drawing and painting and this is a way to share what I design. Grids with blogs, ovals, circles, squares, diamonds and fun patterns and bright colors. So happy! 

The Grid Series was a terrific way to explore drawing on a grid, in so many ways

I particularly like this one with all of my favorite motifs 

People loved this design when I posted it on social media. I love dogs, well at least my version. Patchwork dogs and dogs wearing hats! Oh what fun! 

Patchwork birds framed in whimsical ovals for an added bonus. They are all so colorful. I took up bird watching after our beloved dog crossed over the rainbow bridge almost two years ago. These are some of my favorites, with some extras thrown into the mix.

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