Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hopscotch Too!

Hopscotch Too! By RJR Fabrics and designed by me, ships to stores in October 2019

My artist neighbor in the industrial park makes these amazing hand painted board for the food display industry. I thought that my fabrics would really pop on this one! Erickson Surfaces dot com

Look how beautifully complex this surface is? It makes the other colors really pop!

I think this is the perfect display board for my artwork in fabric and paper!

Here is the page from the RJR launch catalog

This is Hopscotch one, which has 84 colors, then add in a dozen more, and you’ve got a grand 96 color blender line that will always be available. 13 hand drawn designs and 96 colors. My favorite color is rainbow! I am so excited about this line! Hop, skip and jump over to your local quilting store or online resource! It’s time to play!


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