Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Visual Journal, a Birthday and other Fun Things

Reading seems to be the number one thing that keeps my mind off of the Pamdemic

The trumpet vine is blooming. The color is divine

I finally got some quilting done

I’ve been working on some family history at my studio

Practicing free motion machine quilting 

The man of my dreams celebrated his 70th birthday. We had a zoom dinner with our kids!

My tribute to the man. Ever so generous, loving and kind

I washed his car and it rained the next day. 

The gladiolus is blooming. This color is so vibrant that is sort of glows in the sunlight

The pool where I swim daily for exercise. I often call this my favorite room in our house. I love to garden, sit here and read and tread water for fun! A few more days left of the merry month of May!

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