Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Visual Journal, Safe at Home, Quilting!

My days end in the pool treading water as my exercise

I’ve been playing with felt lately. Relaxing hand sewing

Visited my studio neighbor with much distance between us 

Coming here during the week has been my saving grace

I am thankful that I can read books during this time when it is hard to focus

I’ve been doing some mindless strip fusing of Hopscotch fabrics by me and RJR

Visited my MIL’s house was bittersweet. She passed in December and now a family will live in this charming house. 

I had this large vase that was gifted to me. Found an old ball vase, and carefully glued it with e6000 glue to make this new garden decor

A doctor teleconference because I want an antibody test for Covid 19. I think I had this in mid January because I was so sick, fatigued, had a horrible cough, but no fever. In Los Angeles, you can get both tests, no questions asked, and for free. Orange County doesn’t have that. You can’t open businesses unless everyone has access to testing. 

I moved all of the family history to my studio to work on.

There is no substitute for a food processor 

I had a lovely Mother’s Day at home! I am loved.

I am making a small wall quilt and it feels good 

Thank you so much for sharing in my visual journey. Be safe at home.

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