Sunday, June 28, 2020

Stay-Cation in Overdrive

First veggie farm box with Blue Hummingbird Coffee. The corn was divine!

So happy about the Supreme Court Ruling for DACA! 

All lives matter, when black lives matter

Strawberry Summer Cake. A Smitten Kitchen recipe, oh so delicious!

I highly recommend the book 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand

Happy Father’s Day! We are usually in San Francisco for this weekend. Zoom was the next best thing! 

I made strawberry blackberry jam!

It’s been 100 days of staying safe at home

One of my Instagram followers had these cup and saucer bird feeders custom made for me!
We have been doing a lot more work in the garden, which has been fun

Cinnamon Swirl Sourdough bread

Bought a new Moleskine art sketchbook. Disappointed in the flimsy pages. Ink comes through to the back

There are days that I just sit down and cry over the mess our country is in. 

I made orange grapefruit marmalade jam, which was a first for me

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