Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Day 104 of Stay at Home Order

I highly recommend the book The Sweeney Sisters. I have now read 45 books so far this year!

I had so many cucumbers in my farm box that I decided to make pickles 

Backyard hummingbird having a water break

My sourdough game is going strong! Family history in full swing at my studio

My grandparents. She’s from Midvale, Idaho and he’s a native Californian

Too much zoom on this day. One with friends and one with the Craft Industry Alliance 

My coffee order arrived!

I gave myself a haircut

Working diligently on documenting and cleaning out papers and photographs for my family history

Going swimming, which has become a daily ritual 

Leading up the July 4. Our kids would usually be here getting ready for our family bash. I am really missing my kids!

Happy 4th of July. We had a quiet day together. Insane amount of illegal fireworks took over the sky

Pictures from precious years of our family party. 32 years of love, laughter and joy! 

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