Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Watercolor Paintings

My life in color! I was a guest on OCMQG’s Sew In on Zoom and that was a lot of fun!

New blooms. Love the color Orange

Lotsa drawing and painting going on here. Life is interesting 

All of the small watercolor paintings I have done so far. This gives me much joy and draw and paint everyday 

My husband’s family home sold. The end of an era. Many memories in that house

Back to walking on a more regular basis. Reminding myself that I am strong

No power at home or studio. Talenti Gelato to the rescue!

Working on a fabric line is just hard. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons

My desk set up at home where I draw and paint. I decided to not continue to do these on the weekends. I need the weekends to be way different than during the week. I was feeling like all of the days were sliding into each other. Saturday and Sunday need to be special. 

More drawing and painting. Heat wave is upon us. Making a plan for the week. Reading Rys Bowen’s new book from her Royal Spyness Series. The Last Mrs. Summers. It’s so good! I was so busy with tweaking my fabric line, that I have t read a book in two weeks. But alas, I have read over 55 books this year so far. It’s my great escape!

Onward and upward we go. 


  1. You're so talented. I adore viewing your illustrations.

  2. I've been enjoying your fun outfits that you draw! I wish I had a wardrobe like that.

  3. I'm loving these watercolors. And yes to weekends! I'm writing full-time now and I have also decided to treat it like a Monday-Friday gig. I don't check emails or post on social media or do any of that junk on weekends. It's been so helpful.

  4. I LOVE your art!! So happy and fun!!


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