Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Finding Joy during the Pandemic

Very happy that Kamala Harris will be Biden’s VP!

In a private FB group, we are going through the alphabet. I began with C

My life during Covid is all about drawing and painting, reading and swimming, with a little stress thrown in

D is for Designer of fabric. Hopscotch came out in the Spring of 2017. Perhaps my greatest achievement as an artist. It’s a blender line that will be made over and over again. Made by RJR

This was a terrific day to go out and drive with my mask on and visit friends with their masks on

E is for Exhibits. The What’s for Dinner exhibit in Houston. Born out of my WFD posts on FB. Co-curated with Leslie Tucker Jenison. A three year run!

The heat wave begins. 

F is for Fkying Fish

Wear a mask to slow the Pandemic! 

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