Friday, September 04, 2020

Change is a Good Thing

We had a three week heat wave, so I stayed away from my studio (no a/c) and worked in my home studio 

It has been fun to explore some other kinds of artwork!

On August 21 I decided to just stop with my visual journals. It had been 10 months of drawing and some painting daily.

Oh the watercolor paint. Paint out of a tube is better, but instant gratification can come from Angora watercolor pan, and Ruby Mountain hand pressed watercolors in that small cube.

Here I am in my home studio. I had taken a lot of photos of me, trying for a good head shot for an article

My view while I draw and paint. It inspires me!

The Curvelets in a watercolor inspired by the beach. We didn’t actually go to the beach, just a drive by. Too many people without masks! 

I spent some time in the garden slaying those darn Morning Glories. They are pretty, but they choice the life out of other plants, so they need to go. Weeds. Kudzu. I am kidding myself to think I will rid the garden of them.

Life in the time of Corona. Sometimes, I just get sad about the whole mess. This too shall pass.

And where I am today! Onward we go! Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Wear a mask! 

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